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Shelves systems

BF is a supply concept that helps our customers to save valuable time and money. The supply and stock of specific items is agreed upon. This includes minimum and maximum stocks on levels.

If requested by our customer, the BF sales representative will also take care of putting in stock the products ordered. The BF is not tied to a specific shelf system and can be adapted to individual customer needs thus offers maximum flexibility.

The advantages at a glance:

Time savings

  • Forget about having to search for small parts.

Tidy/clearly arranged

  • Every item has its specific location. Actively reduces the burden on the warehouse staff.

Less capital tie-up

  • Optimised stocks on hand (minimum / maximum stocks). No unnecessary dual inventory.


  • Optimally tailored to your requirements.


  • Everything clearly laid out in a contract.


  • Ensures your top image - at your company and at the customer's.

BF is almost totally self-sufficient. When the system is first placed in the shop, stocking levels are set between BF and the customer, thus ensuring optimal stock holding and minimun stock valuation.

From then on, BF Sales Consultants regularly check the stock and make sure that they are at the predetermined levels, ensuring the shop will not be without a nut, washer or anything

The frequency of the visits also gives an indication of any trends in product use. BF consultant will automatically advise the customer if stocking levels need to change or if a new product is required.

BF also makes accounting for items used, simple and straightforward. This in turn makes it possible to invoice for every individual item.