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Varna 9003,“Tersnab”, P.O. box 41
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"Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd is a private company with business activity in the production and marketing of fasteners. 

The company offers complete nomenclature fasteners: 

  • screws – metric, for iron, self drilling, for wood, plasterboard, for windows; 
  • bolts - ordinary and strength, with full and partial thread; 
  • pin - plain and strength; nuts - plain and strength 
  • washers; treenail, anchors, rivet; pin; A2, chemical products, tips and much more 

Company products are designed for various areas of industry and trade - engineering, construction, manufacturing and installation of joinery, furniture manufacture, dry construction and many others.  "Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd was established in 1997 and in recent years has been recognized as one of the leading market fasteners. 

Cooperation between our company and one of the largest suppliers of fasteners - Reyher (Germany), Fastbolt (Germany), PGB, enables the company to offer on Bulgarian market fasteners with high quality. 

"Fasteners Trading” Bulgaria is developing as a competitive and financially stable company, adequate to the rapidly changing internal and external market conditions. 

The company is working on the requirements of the quality management system under ISO 9001-2000.

New in products

Product number:6885
DIN: 6885
Product number:88582
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DIN: 674
BDS: 1889-83
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DIN: 101
BDS: 1886-72