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Varna 9003,“Tersnab”, P.O. box 41
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About Company

"Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd 

“Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd.

"Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd is a private company with business activity in the production and marketing of fasteners. 

The company offers complete nomenclature fasteners: 

  • screws – metric, for iron, self drilling, for wood, plasterboard, for windows; 
  • bolts - ordinary and strength, with full and partial thread; 
  • pin - plain and strength; nuts - plain and strength 
  • washers; treenail, anchors, rivet; pin; A2, chemical products, tips and much more 

Company products are designed for various areas of industry and trade - engineering, construction, manufacturing and installation of joinery, furniture manufacture, dry construction and many others.  "Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd was established in 1997 and in recent years has been recognized as one of the leading market fasteners. 

Cooperation between our company and one of the largest suppliers of fasteners - Reyher (Germany), Fastbolt (Germany), PGB, enables the company to offer on Bulgarian market fasteners with high quality. 

"Fasteners Bulgaria Trading” Ltd developed its own production since 2002 consistently acquire assets in plant ZKD "Ivailovgrad, Izgrev Oryahovo, KI Plovdiv. 

The company is able to produce a wide nomenclature screws, bolts and other standard and nonstandard fasteners. Opportunities through the production we have succeed to satisfy the high requirements of our customers with timely supply of attractive prices. 

The company head office is located in Varna. Regional offices serve customers in Sofia, Plovdiv and Pleven. The company serves almost all major cities in Bulgaria through its sales representatives. Expansion of the scope of the company through sales representatives in more cities is a short-term goal. 

The company has a logistics center - warehouse with over 1000 pallet locations, equipped with modern equipment, organized unit of packaging of products. To reach the goods to the customers we use own transport and courier services companies. 

Partners and key customers "Fasteners Bulgaria Trading”" are companies from the furniture industry, manufacturing, Ship repair, construction and others. Our clients are: Steelmet AD Handel Ltd., Cumerio Med AD, Weiss-profile Ltd, Naiden Kirov "AD," Eldom Invest Ltd, Podemkran AD, BDZ EAD, Metal AD, Solvay Sodi AD and many others. 

In the company are employed 60 people - highly qualified specialists. 

"Fasteners Trading” Bulgaria is developing as a competitive and financially stable company, adequate to the rapidly changing internal and external market conditions. 

The company is working on the requirements of the quality management system under ISO 9001-2000.